Sunset Heaven
Nevis, Caribbean
 View of a couple of the cottages from NE corner                    Sidewalk with several Foxtail palms  
These foxtails were 1 gallon palms in July 2008.                   Large Traveler Palm, two year old Bismarck
This pix taken in Dec 2011.                                                 Palm, and Hong Kong Orchid tree in back





Flowers found on Sunset Heaven:
     Red Powderpuff  "Calliandra haematocephalla"
     Pride-of-Barbados "Caesalpinia pulchererrima"
     Thumbergia  "Thumbergia battiscombei"
     Ixora  "Ixora spp"
     Hong Kong Orchid  "Bauhina Purpurea"
     Peregrina "Jatropha gossypilia"
      Pentas "Pentas lily white"
     Mexican Petunia "Ruellia brittoniana"
     Crown of Thorns  "Euphorbia milii - red"
     Frangipani  "Plumeria Rulpa"

     Crown of Thorns  "Euphorbia milii -- variegated"
                 Acalypha Wilkeisiana  "Macrophylla" (red)
                                                 "Hoffmanna"  (white)
     Hybiscus  "Peachy"
                 Peace Lily  "Spathiphyllum"
     Nerium Oleander "Variegated Raspberry"
Palm Trees on Sunset Heaven: 
              Bismarck "Bismarkia noblis -- blue"                    
Latania  "Blue lantania"
Becarriophoenix sp (windows)
If Jeff Marcus says it's super, than it is!
Can't wait to see it in 10 years.
Traveler's palm
Veitchia Joannis
Going to be my FAVORITE!
20 of them on the property -- Honolulu Airport palm
Planted as seedlings in Dec 2010; let's see them in Dec 2014!!
Sago Palm
Venezulean Royal Palm -- Roystonea Oleracea
Our one and only, lonely Coconut palm!
Afraid to plant more -- YL fungi
Ylang Ylang Tree
Not a palm, but had to have it
Chanel #5 anyone?  Comes from these blooms
We'll post a new pix in 2014 when this tree is loaded w/flowers!!
Green Bismarck -  Bismarchia nobilis (green)
Golden Cane -- Dypsis Lutescens
Everyone calls it Areca.  
Either way, it's a stud!  Gotta have one of these
Overtop palm -- Syagrus amara
A real gorgeous palm ... come on seedlings!
Owners:  Jon  and Cindy Stolson;