Sunset Heaven
Nevis, Caribbean
This villa has three units:
"Coming Back"
"The Pad"
Villa #3 has two units upstairs with incredible views and one unit downstairs that is very spacious and purposefully open and airy.  All three units have their special advantages,  and are furnished with top of the line items and a splash of tropical color.
                    Entrance to Villa #3 from main walkway.
Villa #3 sits in the middle of the Sunset Heaven complex and will be the focal point of our landscaping plan.  The cottage is surrounded by a few tropical flowering trees that we strategically hope will become our main specimen trees.  One is a local tree called the Sweet Gum tree.  It was originally growing on the undeveloped property and we were able to save it by carefully removing the surrounding "garbage" material and siting the cottages so as to maximize the benefits of this fabulous tree.  It cradles villas #2 and #3 and acts as a perfect shade tree while giving the complex the right amount of definition.  On the opposite side is a hybrid Hong Kong orchid tree which we fully expect to reach a heigth of 32 feet while displaying a six month shower of gorgeous purple flowers.  The hybrid does not have the messy seed pods, so it should become a real winner over the next few years.  Scattered around the villas are a vast assortment of tropical palm seedlings.  They include arecas, dypsis, brutonias,  and vetchias.  Of course, the world famous red sealing wax palm is also here.  Brought in from all corners of the world.  By 2016 we ought to have some gorgeous tropical palm trees all around these two villas.  And finally, the coveted Ylang Ylang tree has finally found its roots and is starting to become the tree we have always "had to have."  Chanel #5 perfume is made exclusively from the Ylang Ylang flower.  So with an abundant, always blooming tree we expect the complex grounds to be constantly bathed in the Chanel #5 scent.  Let's hope so! 
 A quiet oasis:
Teak kitchen table & rattan chairs. Granite countertop.
Refrigerator with ice maker.
Fully furnished with all pots, pans, glasses, plates, silverware, dish towels,  and baking items.

Built-in hair dryer. Granite vanity.
Five foot fiberglass shower with two shower heads. 
Tankless hot water heater.
Side entrance to "Tranquility"
Coming Back
Restful bliss:

Hong Kong orchid blossom
 Some foxtail palms in 2012
Four poster, canopy queen bed
Professional quality linens
A/C and ceiling fan
The Pad
Cool Concrete Stain:
Open, airy floorplan. 
Tropical blue theme.
Kitchen table doubles as desk with hidden computer keyboard pullout
Solid oak table
Ceiling fan overhead for comfort
Casual rattan furniture
Custom pillows and cushions
Window treatments made by professional interior designer firm

Queen sized bed
Armoire with 3 dresser drawers
Bathroom w/ 5 ft fiberglass shower
Owners:  Jon  and Cindy Stolson;